Bitcoin outperforms Facebook and Google

MicroStrategy CEO Saylor: „Bitcoin outperforms Facebook and Google“

MicroStrategy recently posted two new job ads for a blockchain analytics team. CEO Saylor continues to take a bullish view on Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy’s charismatic CEO Michael Saylor is known for his bullish views on Bitcoin. Now he is pulling a new ace out of his sleeve: According to recent job ads, MicroStrategy is in The News Spy process of assembling a blockchain analytics team. The company, based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, posted two jobs on LinkedIn on Friday. In them, it is looking for a Blockchain Data Analyst and a Blockchain Data Engineer. The job posting says they will join a team „building an analytics platform with advanced metrics and insights for Bitcoin“.

However, this step does not come as a complete surprise. MicroStrategy already indicated last November that it was interested in developing blockchain data products. To this end, they even considered hiring new experts. However, the project remained somewhat in the dark for the time being. Those responsible initially made a big secret of the planned programme. In the end, there was only talk of a „potential data offering“, which admittedly is not a very precise statement.

Saylor consolidates his reputation as bitcoin protege

Saylor, meanwhile, made no secret of his enthusiasm for Bitcoin and his assumption that the market data concerning cryptocurrencies is being misused. This false data is the reason why Bitcoin is not going through the roof even more, he said. The MicroStrategy boss said this in a conversation with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

In an interview with the American broadcaster CNN, Saylor also revealed that the Bitcoin for Corporation Summit organised by MicroStrategy had been a complete success. In the interview, he calls Bitcoin the world’s first monetary network and predicts that it will be exponentially larger than all the major social media corporations. The rush of 2021 is far from over, in his opinion.

Bitcoin is the emerging, dominant digital money network. It will be a hundred times bigger than Google or Facebook. Everyone will connect to a digital monetary network at some point, just as everyone has connected to the internet at some point.

As for plans for his company, however, Saylor was not really forthcoming. He was asked if MicroStrategy is now jettisoning its core software functions to focus on the digital asset from now on. Saylor said only that his company is certainly making the right move to preserve shareholder wealth.